About Bookbinding

Primrose Park, with its very well equipped bindery, is a leading centre of craft bookbinding excellence in Australia

The craft of bookbinding in the West began around the second century when the codex replaced the scroll and vellum or parchment replaced papyrus.  The earliest existing example of a Western-style bound book is the St Cuthbert Gospel of St John, known as the Stonyhurst Gospel, which dates from the 7th century . 

The method of production is much the same today. Sections (sometimes called signatures) are sewn onto tapes and cased into boards which are covered with leather or bookcloth.

Until the late 19th or early 20th century the text, illumination or decoration and the binding were the province of separate craftspersons but with the advent of artist’s books these three crafts are now often undertaken by one artist/craftsperson.  A course in traditional book binding will equip you to reach a high standard of book production.

Our Bookbinding group has produced a brochure for the 2013 program which you can download and print  - click HERE to view it.


Our lead tutor is Jean Riley, well known as an outstanding craftsperson and teacher. Jean runs a series of workshops each year, generally on Tuesday evenings. You can find more information on these workshop courses by clicking HERE.

You can contact Jean by email (primrosebookbinding@gmail.com) or by calling (02) 9488 8376.

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